[Fantia Special Interview] “INAZUMAFRIENDS” by INAZUMA

[Fantia Special Interview] Special Pick UP of "INAZUMAFRIENDS" by INAZUMA!!

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Introducing INAZUMA works

What kind of plan is available?

Mini interview with INAZUMA♪

───Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule today. First, please give us your brief self-introduction.

───Please tell us what made you decide to start Fantia.

───You’re always having a blast in the comments section with your fans at your own fan club! What kind of content do you post in there?

───The overwhelming drawing ability and stimulating play content are probably one of the reasons for the popularity of your works, but do you have any particular points of interest for your own illustrations?

───Do you have a favorite situation in particular?

───By the way, the memorable Comic Market 100 was held the other day, and you participated in it. Congratulations on the entry!
Do you have any behind-the-scenes stories about the production of your new book, “Inazuma Pretty Worrier 2”?

───Events are gradually coming back, but how did your production environment change before and after the COVID disaster?

───Do you have any goals or things you would like to do in your future activities? If possible, please answer from both aspects of your activities in general and in the fan club.

───Thank you! Lastly, please give a message to your fans.

───Thank you for your cooperation in this interview! We will continue to support you as best we can!

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The interview special! Introducing a free ticket code♪


Interview cooperated by: INAZUMA from "INAZUMAFRIEND"